Our Story

H2Century is dedicated to removing CO2 emissions of existing fossil fuel cars, using a simple hydrogen run add-on kit, while still allowing the vehicles to remain hybrid.
The company was formed in 2019 in Luxembourg by inventor and entrepreneur Karl Wagner. His patented groundbreaking technology will propel the company to become the first market entrant contributing to a zero-emission circular economy solution for transportation. The simple add on conversion kit does not change or damage the structure of a fossil fuel engine and enables it to run as a zero-emission vehicle on hydrogen.

A strong operational team joined Karl in late 2019. The company is now ready to undertake its first funding round to enable it to work with testing firms on an MVP and develop the product towards commercialisation. H2Century’s ultimate goal is to wholly reduce carbon emissions in the transportation and waste management sectors. It will achieve this by empowering the average person who has challenges in switching to electric or natural gas run cars (or wishes to not buy a
whole new vehicle out of environmental choice) to be to switch to carbon neutral hydrogen run vehicles.

The business will initially seek partners to test and run the first prototypes, with the first tests to take place in Germany in 2020. California is earmarked as a next stage geographical entry market for reasons discussed later.

As the company scales, the proposed distribution model will be to work with local service centres that already convert fossil fuel to natural gas cars, to provide the option of hydrogen conversion to car owners and to offer the kits via an online retail platform and through authorised distributors. In addition, H2Century will also partner with media
agencies to provide advertising collateral on shared converted vehicles as part of the ride-hail advertising sector.
Scaling up, H2Century will reach out to more locations in the Netherlands and in Switzerland, and further along to the US, Israel and Asia. While the business model will remain focused on private cars, a major goal will be to develop several kits, some of which will be used on existing public transportation.

H2Century intends to invest its profits towards raising awareness of the ecological footprint transportation has on the industry, providing workshops and hackathons in cities around the world, targeted at developing countries and individuals who can benefit from the product.

Our Team

Karl Wagner (CEO)


Hanna Gabay (COO)


Melissa Gilmour (CMO)


Frank Wagner (CFO)


Horst G Ludwig, PhD

Vice president, International